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It takes a lot to build muscle and drop fat. So why not make it easier by straightening up the nutrition piece? You already know what you SHOULD be eating:  Whole Foods, fruits, and veggies…because that’s the truth. 

But here are 3 items that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!!! 

1. Olive Oil Spray - this stuff is great. It’s zero calories so when I’m planning on having a high fat day (Mac and cheese, ice cream, pizza) then I’ll make sure I use the spray so as not to overdose the fat calories. 

2. Crunk Scramble ingredients stay stocked!! That means eggs, egg whites, goat cheese, avocado, and minced garlic. When I run low on these items, I go to the grocery store and by more. This is my favorite meal, to the point where I eat it 95% of the time as my first meal, even if at 3pm. Check out my LIVES! To see how to make it!

3. Apple Cider Vinegar - this may seem strange, but ACV has SO MANY USES in and OUTSIDE of the kitchen. Not only is ACV a great additive to a morning ritual as a natural metabolism booster, but it’s also great to add to recipes that would include a lemon/zesty flavor. I make my kale with ACV and it is FIRE . You can also use this if you’re having a #skintag It will clear it right up. 

Which one of these was your favorite HTIPZ!? 


What else do you want to know?!  Drop a comment. 


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