Lorna - BBBxHT attendee

Estelle - BBBxHT attendee

Chris - BBBxHT attendee

what esle are people saying about ht physique?


I'm genuinely in love with your work out plans and not just that and I get to support !

HT You are killing it girl! I'm definitely feeling different muscle activate that I didn't know I had. Definitely recommend to family and friends



I’m a huge fan of HIIT workouts and let me tell you, HT Physique Bootcamps are always top-notch! Regardless of your level of fitness, everyone is able to get a great workout in a positive environment, which is rare to find in today’s bootcamp-crazed world. 


"To be honest, I'm sore all over. You wouldn't happen to know a masseuse? Great bootcamp today!"


Heather is awesome!! Always full of spirit and positive energy. Bring your mat if you have one and she is at Cheviot hills every Saturday at 10am. I love how she does different workouts every week focusing on legs, arms, core and cardio. Even I left LA, when I come back to visit, I go to her bootcamp. She motivates you with her 1 minute workout 20 seconds rest workouts.

Come check it out! You will not be disappointed!! You will get a good workout!!


Heather's workouts​ are THE BEST! She hits every part of the body--arms, legs, core, back--and leaves you SORE the next day. Heather is an awesome trainer with infectious energy that motivates you to push through the hardest parts of the exercise. The HT Physique workouts are accessible to all fitness levels, as Heather offers modifications and enhancements to her moves to modify the difficulty. Equipment is not required, so you can repeat Heather's moves anywhere you workout and add to your fitness regimen. That doesn't compare to the in-person experience, though, where Heather will push you to reach maximum gainz!


I have been taking Heather’s Boot Camp since around March in Cheviot Hills and I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my overall strength, endurance and flexibility.  Her boot camp focuses on weightless exercises reinforcing the legs, corp and arms, and she changes up the routine every week to keep it fresh and interesting, always with a good selection of music (she even themes the music out for special holidays like the 4th of July and Halloween)  The best part about Heather is that she has a great personality and really knows how to make everybody  feel comfortable and work towards their goals.