PHYTraining - 8 Pack

PHYTraining - 8 Pack

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PHYTraining - 8 Pack

  • 2 sessions per week
  • renewal every 4 weeks 
  • for a total of 8 sessions every 4 weeks

Tardy/Cancellation Policy: 

Running Late?

Please give Coach HT a quick txt if you are running more then 5 minutes late! HT will always give you your full hour unless she has someone coming in after you. Coach HT typically schedules 15 minutes between each client for covid safety and cleaning protocol. 

Need to Cancel a session?

HT will reach out in advance in order to confirm your appointment. If you need to cancel after confirmation, we need to reschedule within one week. See example below. 

EX. We train Tuesday and Saturday. You cancel your Tuesday session last minute. Retain your session by rescheduling  before the next Tuesday.