PHYT Food Program

PHYT Food Program

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Want to get results twice as fast? Then it's time to take a look at your food. Join me for the next 5 weeks. I'll teach you about food, what it's made out of, how to reduce bloat, and see results. I'll give you the ability to take back the power. You will no longer feel out of control. 

You will feel lighter, less bloated, more in control, and closer to your goals.

What does this program include?

  • Live! Meetings 1x per week - learn, ask questions, share
  • If you miss it, there are recordings you can re-watch
  • PHYT Food exercises to help you understand the effect of food on your body
  • Access to private community
  • Personalized PHYT Food Plan
  • PHYT Food Recipe guide
  • Results