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8 Week PHYT Training Program

8 Week PHYT Training Program

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  • A 8 Week Program
  • Personalized workout plan 
  • 30+ workouts available 
  • Private Community Access
  • Weekly Check-Ins with HT
  • **bonus** workout calendar to track your workouts!
  • **bonus** fundamental nutrition education

Designed for those who are looking to create a PHYTness routine. After 8 weeks in the PHYT traiing program, you will see have noticable definition in your legs, a flattening of your tummy, and a shaping in your arms. This is how we are going to Build that Body!

This program will activate muscles you never knew you had. After these 8 weeks, a couple tweeks to your nutrition, and PHYT training, you will feel stronger, more confident, and feeling PHYT.