HT Physique’s Lower Body Crush

Valentine’s Day Theme (Booty Gainz)

189 THE GROVE DR (@Athleta, inside the store)

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means we need to whip that booty into shape…literally. Join HT Physique for a Booty Gainz workout. Weights are optional but encouraged. 5lbs or more dumbbells ☺ Think of the GAINZZZZ. All levels welcome. Modifications provided. 



Feb 24-Saturday - 12pm

HT Physique’s Body Blast

Birthday Themed-Pan Pacific Park (BEVERLY & THE GROVE DR)

Pieces where you at?! It’s my birthday month and that means it’s time to turn up the heat and kick it up a notch! Join me, HT Physique at Pan Pacific Park for an outdoor, Full Body Blast! We’ll be hitting four areas: core, cardio, arms, and legs. No weights required. All levels welcome. Modifications provided. 





HT Physique’s Full Body Bootcamp

ATHLETA-189 The Grove Drive

We are kicking off the month with a full body workout! We’ll be doing compound moves that incorporate both legs and arms to maximize calorie burn. Get ready to sweat and get it moving with HT Physique! All levels welcome. Modifications provided. 

BeSwell Pop UP

Presented by The Hot Yoga Creative. 

"BeSwell" is a lifestyle brand dedicated to designing fashionable apparel and hosting group workouts to raise health awareness.  There will be vegan food and treats at the BRUNCH BAR. And of course, we're getting active. There will be a complimentary yoga flow, 30 Min #HTcircuitz by HT Physique, and more. and bring your friends to MELROSE!

DNA's Wedding Gainz Bootcamp

Fitness Event!!

Will you be in Cancun celebrating DNA's wedding celebration?! Me too, and we're going to start the weekend off right by getting our workout in!

What: Bootcamp

When: Sept 2

Where: meet at the pool

No equipment needed!!

United Way Auction

What: Auction in conjunction with FedEx Cares

Prize: One Hour Fitness Event

Winner: Rose Fernandez!!