BOOTY BASICS - Next Session 1/2


Foods for Natural Immunity

Now more then ever we need to pay attention to what we are putting in our bodies. It's time to get knowledgable about what we can put in our bodies to stay healthy and protect ourselves. Here are some #HTIPZ for you and your home cooked food!    Vitamin E This fat -soluble vitamin acts as an antioxidant by protecting fatty layers around cells. More people lack this nutrient than any other - 96% of us in fact. Many markers of health and quality of life, including critical thinking and youthful skin, are dependent on vitamin E. Lack of this nutrient also markedly increases the risk for depression and dementia.    Top Food Sources: Almonds, sunflower seeds, spinach, avocado, and olive oil....

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First of all, what is HIIT? HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training and it is the IDEAL way to workout out if you have a busy schedule. Research has shown that doing 15 minute HIIT workouts three times a week is better for physical fitness progress then jogging on the treadmill for an hour! ADVANTAGES OF HIIT Fat Burner HIIT burns higher amounts of fat then your typical workout, not only during your workout, but after! The body goes into hyperdrive and in the 24 hours following a HIIT workout you continue to burn calories and fat at a higher rate. Uhhhhh… I’m in!!! Healthy Heart During active states of HIIT, you are pushing your body to the limit, which...

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What the Kale?

KALE: WHAT YOU'VE  BEEN MISSING? If you haven’t added KALE into your diet yet, you need to. There are  many benefits. Personally, I am most interested in the cognitive benefits. Kale is lutein rich. Lutein is a nutrient that is known for maintaining brain function and can enhance learning and memory….. I’m definitely IN on that!! Now you may be asking yourself, “OK, but do I eat it cooked or raw?” If you are, here’s the breakdown… RAW higher Vitamin C GOOD FOR: development and repair of all body tissues; other body functions:  formation of collagen, absorption of iron, wound healing, and general maintenance [of cartilage, bones, and teeth]. COOKED Higher Vitamin K GOOD FOR: regulating blood clotting, transporting calcium;...

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3 Supplements You Need to Take

Supplements are things you intake that are "supplemental" to your diet, meaning they "add to" or "build upon" what you are already taking into your body. Supplements can range from vitamins, to oils, to protein powders. You don't need it all. Check out what I suggest! BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). These bad boys are essential amino acids. What this means, is that your body does NOT organically produce these, meaning we need to intake them from other sources.  BCAAs stimulate protein synthesis, which means a faster recovery after a tough workout! Detox Tea-Yes. That's right. This is a staple in my daily routine.  These keep the bowel movements regular, and no one is mad about that. There are so...

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EXHALE: Yes, that’s right… Exhale. Every move you do, especially if it’s a categorized as an “abdominal: move, should start with an exhale. The initial exhale forces a contraction of the core, creating tension in the muscle, and forcing it to WORK.  SWITCH IT UP: Not all core work has to be a variation of a standard sit up. Doing too much of one thing slows progress. The more often the body performs an activity, the better it becomes at that activity, making the result of repeating that activity null and void. Basically, long term repetition doesn’t enhance effective gainzzz long term. You’ve got to keep your body guessing, and that includes your core!Try adding a medicine ball to your...

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