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How to keep your skin glowing and radiant in a heat wave 👀

How to keep your skin glowing and radiant in a heat wave 👀

This is a serious question. Most of us are suffering from hot weather, which means sweat and clogged pores.  Well none of us want that, so how do we stop our skin from looking dull and tired, and instead luminous and glowing??? Here are my top HTIPZ!!!


  1. WASH YO FACE! Yes this seems like an easy one, but as you age, cleansing your face both morning and night is crucial for removing dirt and oil (aka pore clogging things). Work the product in circular motions and take the product down the neck and “décolleté” - your upper chest area.  DM me for the cleanser I use, safe enough to use multiple Tims per day.
  2. EXFOLIATE!! This is a MUST. You can use a scrub or a mask. I personally use a scrub daily in the shower after my cleanser and do an exfoliating mask at least once a week. I usually do these masks either before or after a hot and sweaty day! DM me for the scrub and exfoliating mask I use!
  3. HYDRATE! Maybe we knew how important water was to keeping our skin glowing beautiful, maybe we would drink more water! Who knows! Over the years, I’ve worked with many makeup artists and they all say the same thing - water is the key!
  4. GO NAKED! Hold off on the makeup when it’s hot and muggy outside. Makeup will just block your pores and cause breakouts and/or skin irritations. It’s time to comfortable and in your skin! I’ve been rocking the no make up look most days, but if I feel like I do need a little something, I keep it simple. Light concealer, a very thin layer of powered bronzer, and a dash of mascara.


What else do you want some help on! LET ME KNOW by shooting me an email at htphysique@gmail.com or a DM at @ht_physique.


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